Talent Match

Talent Match

SDS created a work club for the people that were previously coming in and asking for help with their job search. This work club was held every Thursday from 12pm-3pm and was designed to help people learn basic ICT skills and search for the jobs they are looking for with the help of a personal advisor. The areas in which they have been mostly assisted are: filling in job search booklets, job application forms, contacting employers and improving their employability skills such as sending them on short vocational training, ICT and English skills.

Likewise, SDS is offering support to young people from 18 to 24 through Talent Match project.

In this calendar year, the Talent Match project had supported a grand total of 53 young people who were NEET.

There has been an expansion of free courses which some of our young people have managed to benefit from this service. These courses including the English my way – from beginner up to entry 2 English, food and hygiene, cookery, Health and safety, and first aid courses.

SDS has also allocated a small budget to pay the volunteer who will help to enrich the outreach work and engagement of the young people.

The project including the work club held in the previous quarter ended and the people who regularly attended this work club went back to getting assistance with their job search queries during the Drop in session.

The TM team at SDS has linked in the Forward Together project which is being delivered at St Mathew’s in partnership and this is to engage young people in football and various other activities on Saturday evenings. We also provide CV development and job search service at the same time and hence any young person wishing to engage is given on the spot service.

This has made a huge difference to our engagement and numbers.

It has also been identified for the need to tighten up the drop-in services and each benefit advisor is now asking the parents and young people approaching us for housing or other services about their wish to secure jobs and giving information about the Talent Match services provided at the Centre. This has increased the number of internal referrals or walk in clients.

We have engaged and retained young people in Talent Match through leaflets/ fliers, word of mouth (SDS’ social networks), walk ins, Job club (every Thursday at our centre- SDS) and referrals form Job centre / in- training / National Career Services.

Thinking forward the two advisors of the Talent Match has offered their services voluntarily to the organization and the management has consented to this.