K. Abderahman

I always find SDS helpful and welcoming whenever I come here the advisors always explain what steps they are taking and ask me if I want to proceed. I also have attended English classes here at have found them to good. My youngest child goes to the Nursery at SDS. I find the facilities to be excellent.

Zeeshan Afazal

The Staff at SDS are always a great help, they sorted out my child benefit application, helped me with the settlement application and guided me through the process so I understood what was going on. They helped my wife Nazia get an NI number. I cant thank the staff at SDS enough they provided excellent support. Especially as I was new to the UK having recently arrived from Spain.

Milon Howlander Hossain

I arrived from Spain in 2018 they helped me with my benefit enquires and got my child into school.

F. Warsame

I have come to SDS for the last 10 years and they have always helped ever since I arrived from the Netherlands. They provide good benefit advice and help me greatly as I am not confident in speaking English.


I regularly come here ever since I arrived from Milano. They help with my enquiries, very well. Got my daughter into school and child went to nursery.

Mr Hossain

I come here regularly I always find the staff very helpful and they explain everything very well this service is very good.

Islam Saiful

The support I have received has been great they helped me with benefit and holistic support helped me produce a cv in UK style and helped me apply for and achieve job we always come here when we need advice.

Sonia Mohammed

When I joined the BBO program I was new to the UK the adviser and support staff helped me out with getting my children into school and nursery, helped me apply for NI number registered me for universal credit and helped me apply for jobs.

Kamal Hamdi

I was new to Leicester and unemployed and needed to find a job very quickly. BBO project helped me with my Training needs. The advisor was really helpful and without the support from SDS and BBO project I would not have completed the certificate for work.