Maano Ahmed

SDS helps me with everything. The people speak my language and it has been very useful. They help me to read my telephone receipt, letters and fill out forms for any service I need. They also help me with phone call because I can’t speak English.

Mariam Farah

The service helps me to pay my bills on time and make arrangements of payment. The service is very helpful for me and my family so we have hot water and light in the house.


Yes I am very satisfied with the service, were are being respected by other people thanks to SDS . I came here because I had a problem with my invoice from the Housing Benefit, but now the problem was resolved.

Hawa Ismael

I am very happy with the service of SDS. While I am studying ESOL, my child is learning English, eating good food, so I am very comfortable coming here and using the service.

Jumale Mahamoud

The service is very good and I have used the service for about six months. I came here to use the service to find a job and my child uses the crèche. My child is very happy here and she is learning how to communicate in English. I really want to thank the service which made a difference to my life.

Ali Akbar Nourouzpour

My child Abbas really enjoys spending time in the crèche when I am at work. The service is really helping the society and let people improve their lives.

Salaado D.

I am very happy with the services I receive from SDS. SDS is very crucial to my language barrier and they support me in this regard very often.