Youth Support

Youth Support

Under the youth support was the forward together project that was a lively, friendly and young people project catering to young persons aged 18 – 24. It was delivered from the St Mathews sports centre every Saturday between 8.30pm to 11.30pm.

The key theme was to engage young people into games and other entertainment while keeping them out of the streets where they may get into trouble. A huge group of young persons numbering between twenty-five to forty gathered and played games like football, basketball, table tennis and pool. There was also provision for PS3 games on the TV.

SDs staff was invited to engage with these young persons from the context of helping them into learning and work. The SDs staff member started working with the young people in July 2015 and since then there has never been any other project which he has enjoyed so much. The staff members were very competent and really knew how to keep these young people engaged and channel their energies into games, discussions, quizzes and challenge matches.

Furthermore, the SDS staff engaged with thirteen people and they were referred to him as they were interested either in as job or getting into learning. The SDS staff had realised that, the referral came about very naturally through discussions by the football coaches, project head and other staff members rather than pushing them into the activities. Hence, the young persons engaged were very enthusiastic to achieve their goals. Having worked on this project, the SDS staff had realised that, to achieve outcomes the young person should feel that it is their decision rather than being prodded into it.


No of young persons engaged: 13

No of career discussions and CVs completed: 13

No of Job outcomes: 5 (part time and 1 full time)

No of young persons entering FT education: 2

Police Partnership in Safety & Crime:
Security is an important aspect of our communities. SDS works closely with Leicestershire Police to provide a wide range of activities aimed at improving relationship between the Somali community and the police, increasing confidence and trust of Somali community in policing as well as increasing reporting of hate crime and other criminal activities and maintaining a safe and secure environment for the community. Keep it on eye the upcoming activities in this area or simply contact our office.