Youth Service

This service intends to empower local disadvantaged young people that are not accessing mainstream youth provisions and are socially excluded or at risk of social exclusion by providing meaningful social, cultural, educational and sports activities.The aims of the service are:

Empower and support disadvantaged Somali young people and other ethnic minorities who are at risk of underachievement or exclusion. Promote and encourage learning and achievement of Somali children and young people in and beyond schools. Young people service includes:

  • Presenting young people in appeal panels regarding admission and exclusion procedures
  • Study and Homework Club on Saturdays and Sundays for secondary school children who are underachieving (this is currently suspended due to lack of funding)
  • Providing support and guidance to Somali families and their children suffering isolation or domestic violence
  • Young people’s newsletter, produced on quarterly (underachieving (this is currently suspended due to lack of funding)
  • Organise trips, social and cultural activities for young people (underachieving (this is currently suspended due to lack of funding)
  • Working in partnership with the local communities, Police and other relevant agencies to address Anti-social Behaviour, knife, drugs and gang related crimes
  • Assist in policies development and addressing the disadvantage and social inclusion of the Somali and other ethnic minorities young people

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