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Somali Development Services (SDS) was established in Leicester in 2001 and incorporated in 2004 to support the growing Somali community and other new arrivals to ensure that, people were able to participate in the city’s economic, social and community life.

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Our Advice Information & Guidance sessions helps families from all over the community

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  • Maano Ahmed
    SDS helps me with everything. The people speak my language and it has been very useful. They help me to read my telephone receipt, letters and fill out forms for any service I need. They also help me with phone call because I can’t speak English.
    Maano Ahmed
  • Mariam Farah
    The service helps me to pay my bills on time and make arrangements of payment. The service is very helpful for me and my family so we have hot water and light in the house.
    Mariam Farah
  • Anonymous
    Yes I am very satisfied with the service, were are being respected by other people thanks to SDS . I came here because I had a problem with my invoice from the Housing Benefit, but now the problem was resolved.
  • Hawa Ismael
    I am very happy with the service of SDS. While I am studying ESOL, my child is learning English, eating good food, so I am very comfortable coming here and using the service.
    Hawa Ismael
  • Jumale Mahamoud
    The service is very good and I have used the service for about six months. I came here to use the service to find a job and my child uses the crèche. My child is very happy here and she is learning how to communicate in English. I really want to thank the service which made a difference to my life.
    Jumale Mahamoud
  • Ali Akbar Nourouzpour
    My child Abbas really enjoys spending time in the crèche when I am at work. The service is really helping the society and let people improve their lives.
    Ali Akbar Nourouzpour
  • Salaado D.
    I am very happy with the services I receive from SDS. SDS is very crucial to my language barrier and they support me in this regard very often.
    Salaado D.
  • M Akter
    SDS provides me with a service I do not know where I would otherwise receive. I received help with a CV. From the Adviser.
    M Akter
  • Anonymous
    I came to the SDS after been advised by friends. I use ther service a lot such as the careers adviser Mustak & Suleman and advice as well.
  • Mr Hossain
    I first came to SDS when I had arrived in this country from Italy, I used the SDS services to apply for NI number and school places I come to this service regularly and speak to the Advisers regularly who help me with the language.
    Mr Hossain
  • Kamal
    I came to this service after falling into trouble after arriving in Leicester. The SDS advisers, helped me and I Joined Suleman’s BBO program which has supported me in getting a job and accessing training to improve my English.
  • A ALI
    SDS helps us greatly as we cannot speak English that well they got our child a school place at Uplands School and helped me set up an UK email. Suleman has also helped my wife access ESOL class and helped us access the benefit system.
    A ALI
  • Mohammed
    I find the SDS advisers a great help I come In regularly and get help with letters from DWP & Tax credit. They are a great service as I cannot speak English well and I would not know where to go to find help.
  • Warsame
    SDS has always helped me. With my problems I do not know what I would do without their support.
  • Mr Farah
    SDS helps me pay my bills on time and find the advisers are very good at their jobs.
    Mr Farah
  • Anonymous
    I come to SDS regularly as I am Italian and Leyla speaks my language.